You’re Gettin’ Hitched!

Hurrah!   Well done you crazy-in-love kids, and thanks for popping by to check out my celebrant skills!

I think that getting married is one of the bravest, coolest and most awesome things that people in love can do, so it gives me HUGE joy to work with fab couples in Canberra, the Southern Highlands and South Coast (and beyond!) to create weddings and marriage and commitment ceremonies that are more than a run of the mill pit-stop on the way to the reception. I want you to have a ceremony that’s as unique as the two of you are – big or small, traditional or off-the-wall quirky.  A ceremony that is the best part of the day, on a day that will be the best of your lives!

Your ceremony is yours, my job is to help make sure it looks, feels and sounds like you (and of course, is legal where required!). Other than the MUST HAVES which I’ll discuss in a later blog post, it’s totally up to you.

Hurrah! You are the master of your wedding ceremony destiny!  Eeeep there are so many choices! You don’t know where to begin! You don’t want any of this! You want it all!

Rest assured…I’m here to help. I’ll work with you closely to design a ceremony that is filled with stuff that you actually like and that means something to you.  I’ll help you work out which wedding traditions you love and want to keep, and which to ditch cause they just aren’t your style. Most importantly, once we’ve got a plan…I’ll write your ceremony from scratch so that it’s fresh and new and all about you two! No boring, cliche, passé or ‘seen/heard it before’ weddings on my watch.

Sound good? Great! Get in touch with me HERE and let’s get started making your ceremony one to remember!