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    Terms and Conditions of Service

    By making payment of the non-refundable booking fee (as specified at B.1(i)), you confirm that you have read and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions of Service.

    This agreement is between the Celebrant (Shannon O’Heir) and the Client (Partner 1 and Partner 2, as identified in the Booking Form).

    The Celebrant and the Clients agree to the terms and conditions set out below.

    A. In consideration of payment of the Fee by the Client, the Celebrant agrees:
    1) To provide Commonwealth Registered Marriage Celebrant services to the Clients in accordance with the Code of Practice for Marriage Celebrants.
    2) To attend and conduct the legals-only ceremony at the agreed time, date and place.
    3) To attend and conduct a rehearsal (if requested) at the agreed time, date and place. Please note, rehearsals for legals-only ceremonies are generally not required and will incur additional fees. Please contact me to discuss.
    4) To advise the Clients as soon as possible if the Celebrant is unable to conduct the ceremony for any reason, and to make all reasonable efforts to arrange for the ceremony to be completed by another registered marriage celebrant.
    5) If the Celebrant is unable to perform the ceremony due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances: refund to the Clients a negotiated amount or compensate the replacement celebrant, whichever is appropriate, and
    ii. to pass the Notice of Intended Marriage to the replacement marriage celebrant, in a timely and appropriate manner.
    6) To incur the costs for alternative arrangements (e.g. taxi) if the Celebrant experiences problems on her way to the wedding (e.g. traffic jam, flat tyre, car accident), in order to arrive at the venue 20 minutes prior to the ceremony (minimum legally required arrival time).

    B. In consideration of the Celebrant’s performance of the Services, the Client acknowledges and agrees:
    1) To pay the Celebrant the agreed Fee in accordance with the instructions provided, namely;
    i. the NON-REFUNDABLE booking fee of $200 at the time of completing the Booking Form to secure the booking, and
    ii. the balance of the fee not less than one (1) month prior to the legals-only ceremony date.
    iii. All payments to be made by direct deposit to the Celebrant’s nominated bank account, or by alternative method as agreed in writing, no later than the dates above
    NOTE: If full payment of the Fee has not been made to the Celebrant in accordance with these terms, then the Celebrant will not attend or conduct the ceremony.
    2) That they have booked the Celebrant for a particular date, time and location, and to advise the Celebrant immediately in writing of any change to the time, date or place of the ceremony.
    3) If the date and/or time of the Ceremony or rehearsal is changed, the booking fee will be held over to the new date or time and the agreed fee will stand, provided that:
    i. The new date and time is within the 12 months of the original date;
    ii. The celebrant is available for the new date and/or time AND
    iii. No additional services, travel or accommodation is requested/required for the new date and or/time
    NOTE: If some of the services are not required, there will be no reduction to the Fee. If additional services, travel or accommodation are requested/required, a revised schedule of fees will be issued.
    4) In the event that the Celebrant is unable to conduct the ceremony due to the change in date, time or location of the ceremony, the Celebrant reserves the right to terminate the agreement and retain the non-refundable booking fee
    NOTE: If the change is made within one (1) month of the wedding date and the Celebrant cannot accommodate the change, no monies will be refunded.
    5) If the ceremony is cancelled by the Clients:
    i. less than a month before the ceremony date, no monies will be refunded.
    ii. more than a month before the ceremony date, any monies paid will be refunded within five (5) business days except for the non-refundable booking fee
    6) The Celebrant has explained, and they understand, the legal requirements for entering into a valid marriage and they agree to comply with their obligations as requested by the Celebrant.
    7) To provide the Celebrant with accurate information on all legal documentation. The Clients acknowledge that penalties apply for making a false declaration (including four years imprisonment).
    8) To submit the Notice of Intended Marriage no less than one (1) month prior to the wedding date.
    9) To provide the Celebrant with all original documentation requested no later than one (1) month prior to the wedding day (unless otherwise agreed in writing with the Celebrant), including any accredited translation documentation requested by the Celebrant.
    10) If they fail to provide all documentation requested to the Celebrant in accordance with the agreed timeframes above, the Celebrant reserves the right not to attend or conduct the ceremony and no refund will be payable.
    NOTE: unless the Celebrant performing the Ceremony has sighted all necessary documentation prior to the wedding date the marriage cannot be officiated. This is a LEGAL requirement.
    11) If the Celebrant is unable to perform the ceremony and a replacement celebrant is arranged all original documents must also be sighted by the replacement celebrant prior to the ceremony.
    12) If the ceremony is to be changed to the alternative venue due to inclement weather, one of the Clients will inform the Celebrant personally by telephone or text message (not via email), no less than three (3) hours prior to the ceremony to ensure the Celebrant has sufficient time to travel to the alternative venue.
    13) The Celebrant will take any steps she considers necessary to protect equipment, documents and certificates if there is any risk of damage by rain or inclement weather or other situation.
    14) To advise the Celebrant as soon as practicable if either of them is taking prescribed medication which may change their demeanour on their wedding day.
    15) That:
    i. they will not arrive at the ceremony appearing to be inebriated or under the influence of any other substance.
    ii. judgement as to inebriation of the Clients being under the influence of alcohol or any other substance is at the Celebrant’s sole discretion.
    NOTE: The Celebrant is not lawfully authorised to solemnise the marriage under these circumstances.
    16) To nominate two official witnesses aged 18 years or over and who appear sober and not under the influence of any other substance, at the sole judgement of the Celebrant, otherwise alternative official witnesses must be used.
    17) That the ceremony is a LEGALS ONLY ceremony and includes ONLY the legally required words for a valid marriage ceremony, and paperwork signing.

    YES(!) I have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions of Service*

    Please note: Your booking is not confirmed until payment of the $200 non-refundable booking fee has been received. Payment is accepted via direct deposit only. Details to make payment are provided on the invoice emailed to you.

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