Re-book us, baby!

    Hi you two - woweeeeeeee huh?! What a ride the last couple of months have been.

    I'm so sorry your plans have been mucked around, but I am also pretty stoked that we are going to get you married in style on a brand-spanking-new date. There will be a whole lot to celebrate when the time comes!

    Now... to ensure we have everything locked in and the correct details on record, it would be awesome if you could fill in this 'revised booking form'.

    Can't wait to get you married!

    Contact Details Partner 1:

    Contact Details Partner 2:

    Details of Ceremony

    Pictures please!

    I would love to include pictures of your gorgeous selves on Instagram and in my marketing and promotional material. Note: Any professional photographs used will acknowledge the photographer and/or the photographic studio where possible. Please tick the box below to confirm you’re ok with this.

    Go for it!

    Terms and Conditions of Service

    Please note: you will be required to accept and agree to my T&Cs again (this 'new booking' will essentially replace the old one). Do give them a squiz as some of the T&Cs may have changed from when you originally booked.

    Please also note - the big one - no further amounts are payable at this stage. The T&Cs state that the non-refundable booking fee you have already paid has, indeed, already been paid. The outstanding balance will be due 1 month before the new date.

    For those who have already paid in full...You. Are. Done. No further amounts due. Sweet as.

    YES(!) I have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions of Service*

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