Got Expo?

Canberra couple?  Getting married?  Need a celebrant?  Wanna meet one in a large, warehouse style space among many other wedding suppliers?  You are in luck gorgeous thangs!

It’s that time of year again where me and my wares (jokes, I don’t have any wares. My wares are just myself) are gonna be on exhibit (in a non sleazy way despite what this sentence sounds like) at the Canberra Bridal Expo at EPIC on Sunday 27 August.

And y’know what else is great? If you book your tix online, they’re FREE.  FREE STUFF is pretty much unheard of when you’re planning a wedding.  I strongly recommend taking advantage of that sweet sweet offer and coming to say hello!

I’ll be hanging in the marketplace from 10am – 3pm meeting loved up peeps, chatting about how to create sensational, personal, fun ceremonies and likely trying to engage anyone who walks past in a lengthy chat about The Bachelor and Survivor (sorry).

Get your tickets from Your Local Wedding Guide right HERE.

If you can’t be bothered coming (it’s fine, I totally get it) then contact me HERE.

See you there, lovers! xx