Tunes for days

A celebrant sure ain’t a DJ… but a celebrant still knows that music can be used to set the tone for your wedding, and maybe even tell a little bit of your story.

If you’re looking for some fresh musical inspiration for you to swag down the aisle, a playlist for getting-ready with your besties, a little ditty to carve up the dance floor to in your first dance as married people, or maybe just some of the loveliest tunes on the planet to help you breeze through Monday at your desk – then I’m here to help!

While your wedding song choices will be a personal thing for the two of you, I’m boldly daring to give you my two cents and share some of my fav not-overdone, not-boring, not cliche, tunes for getting married (well…mostly. Some classics are just too hard to ignore).

Let me know YOUR favourites to add to the list! xx