Things you didn’t think you’d have to tell your grown up wedding guests, but really bloody should: A Guide


So, you’re planning a wedding right?
Got some sweet threads picked out?
BYO booze with a refund available on unopened cases sorted?
Carefully worded invites explaining why you would prefer that kids don’t attend? WOO!
You two are READY for an adults-only shin dig…

But here’s the thing….you’ve asked your delightful fam & buds to come to a WEDDING. And I gotta tell you, sometimes weddings also make normally autonomous, clever, socially, and emotionally aware grown ups go a bit rogue. They forget how to…well…do stuff. They need more help than normal. They bloody panic.

So, may I present to you an easy guide on:
‘Things you didn’t think you’d have to tell your grown up wedding guests, but really bloody should’…


“Oh I couldn’t possibly”
“I think that might be reserved for someone else”

Turns out, standing around, staring at empty chairs as your carefully chosen entry music begins is one of wedding-goers favourite things to do. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s very well meaning. Basically, of your guests will assume (and then stubbornly stand by their assumption) that the chairs are ‘meant for someone else’.

If you’ve paid 15 – 22 bucks to hire those bad boys and don’t want to stand up there and stare out on a sea of empty Tiffany chairs, thus ruining your photos and kinda making you feel like a whole bunch of invited guests didn’t bother to rock up to your wedding…then use reserved signs, appoint some ushers, give your wedding party/guests/significant other a good briefing about getting people seated/get your celebrant to hustle. And let it be known, none of these tactics are actually about ‘reserving seats’ – you are correct in assuming that ‘front row’ peeps, WILL sit in the front row – this all about confidently telling/politely forcing your guests to sit in every other empty seat.



“People KNOW not to use their phones right, I mean…it’s just common courtesy”
“Surely they won’t get in the aisle?”
“I’m worried Aunty Shaz will have her ipad with the big flip cover on it”

NO they definitely don’t.
They definitely will.
Ha. Aunty Shaz. 100% YES.

If you’re not bothered about it, then that’s totally fine. But if it’s buggin’ ya…you need an easy fix. And that is to go unplugged. Have a sign. Get your celebrant to make an announcement.. Be explicit. Be more explicit than you ever felt necessary.

Because they will. And they do.

Asking guests to stash cameras and phones away for the ceremony, and to hold off posting photos of you newlyweds on social media until YOU have, is totally reasonable, 100% acceptable, and very very common these days. You don’t need to feel bad about it. If you’ve got a profesh photographer there, they’ll love you for it. Your guests will be IN THE MOMENT with you, and they’ll have their hands free for clappin’ and cheerin’ you into married life. Hurrah.

If Aunty Shaz REALLY wants a snap though…feel free to give all your guests a moment to break the unplugged rule and maybe get a cheeky snap of your SECOND kiss as married people, riiiiight before you go down the aisle? CUTE.


There are NO wedding rules – I say this to gorgeous couples all the time. But there are DEFINITELY rules when it comes to throwing confetti/rose petals/rice/eco-friendly materials for your exit and it’s DEFINITELY handy to remind your guests of them before use…

1. It’s for the end, not the entrance. Hold your gorgeous overly-enthusiastic wedding horses folks.
2. Less is not more. More is more. Too much is not enough. Aint no point saving any. This is the big game right here.
3. Don’t blow your confetti load early. Do not feel compelled to approach the newlyweds at the front and unleash all that confetti on them before they’ve started walking. Wait for the go signal. It’ll be obvious. Promise.
4. If confetti cannons are available. You should say yes to them. Always.

And so it is gorgeous people! If you want someone to help wrangle those beautifully enthusiastic mums and dads and grannies and gramps and step-siblings, and aunties…get in touch right HERE