Fresh. Modern. Fun.

Fresh. Modern. Fun.


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Welcome, Lovers!

I’m a young, relaxed civil celebrant who loves to work with wildly in love couples, like you, to create vibrant and authentic marriage ceremonies that are all about YOUR relationship, YOUR love, YOUR sense of commitment and totally YOUR style.

You two sure ain’t boring – you’re funny, cute, charming, kind, quirky, clever, romantic and silly, and sometimes really sarcastic, so let’s make sure your wedding ceremony is like that too. 

Canberra & Surrounds | Southern Highlands | South Coast 


What you’ll get from me

Whether your wedding is going to be the biggest party of your life, a backyard bbq, or a sneaky romantic getaway,  your ceremony should be an epic celebration of the two of you and the decision you’ve made to spend your lives together!  It’s my job to make it happen – here’s how we’ll do it…



Face-to-face meetings to get to know each other, brainstorm, plan and complete the required paperwork. After that, you get unlimited contact with me (via email, phone, text, etc) until you’re relaxed and happy with the plan for the day. 


Ideas & Inspiration

From ceremony structure, to readings and rituals, vow inspiration and wedding bits you can ditch – my resources have been put together specially to help you design a one-of-a-kind ceremony that you really love.


Personalised Ceremony

You’ll get a bespoke ceremony written from scratch  by me. It’ll be the right mix of humour, sentiment, quirk and romance so that the ceremony feels like YOU.  No templates and no boring weddings – I promise.

OLD: Welcome, Lovers!


An optional rehearsal to make sure you, your bridal party and your ceremony participants know when and where to walk, sit, stand and speak. That way, they can rock up on the day feeling relaxed, happy and ready to enjoy!


An outfit, a PA system, and a great day!

 On your big day I’ll be there early to set up, wear something stylish (that I’ve discussed with you prior) and deliver an entertaining, engaging and memorable  ceremony using my clear-as-a-bell PA system.


All the official business

 I’ll lodge all the required legal documentation to make you legally, officially,  married.  Once upon a time I was a commercial lawyer so you can be confident that I’m a total stickler when it comes to paperwork.

About Me

About Me

Hello lovers! I’m Shannon, a creative and passionate young marriage celebrant living in Canberra.

I’m besotted with my man and our border collie, am mostly fuelled by coffee, and am a big fan of high waisted jeans, hosting dinner parties (he cooks, I pour) and going on road trips. I cannot be trusted near an antipasto platter or hash browns.

Most importantly though… I LOVE love and I think getting married (whether it’s with the legal paperwork or not) is one of the coolest things that a pair of loved up people can do.  That’s why I decided to become a celebrant and create personal, authentic and memorable ceremonies that give couples an amazing start to life together as married folk.

If that sounds like your vibe – let’s catch up for a free, no obligation and no pressure chat. 
I can’t wait to hear your love story! xx    


Get in Touch

Get in Touch

Sound like your style?  Then we should definitely meet!
You can use the contact form here, or hit me up via email, so we can arrange a time and place to catch up.
No cost. No obligation. No Pressure. xx


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